My TPACK Teacher Game

Hulton, D.©2014.TPack Teacher Game. Credly.
Over the past 10 weeks I have been expanding my TPack knowledge by completing a series of badges that acted as motivation for completion of course readings and work.  In using this type of gamification system students like myself can be more motivated and engaged in their learning.  Over the course of EDUC 8Y24 I was rewarded with the badges above, for completing a series of different assignments and tasks that were developed to enhance my technological and pedagogical content knowledge but also for things such as professionalism and dependability.  After every week of completing a task on time we were rewarded with a different badge by the instructor of the course. In completing the badge on time we were also rewarded bonus points for being dependable students.  However, even if you handed things in late you could still earn your badge and working your way to becoming a TPack Master.

This sort of tech-enhanced learning developed my own knowledge, but also served as a great example of how useful gamification can be in the classroom of today.  Rewarding students in badges as a form of grades can be an effective method for motivation and student learning.  Over this course I have learnt many fantastic tech-enhanced learning tools, objects and programs that will all be useful in my future classroom. As we enter the age of the 21st century learner, we as educators need to embrace all forms of new technology as it truly is the catalyst for academic improvement and student engagement in education today.

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