Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Multiplication Timernator!

Hello everyone,

We have just finished working on our multiplication and division skills.  In order to review some terms for the upcoming quiz I would like you all to go to the following website Cool Math Games, and play the The Timernator Game for multiplication and division.  If you have that mastered this, search around and play the other games on the site relating to your multiplication tables.

Good Luck,
Mr. Hulton

Dear Parents,

In order to prepare for the upcoming math quiz I have provided your child with a link to a fantastic educational website that has a variety of different math and subject area games.  For the purpose of this test I suggest working on games focused on multiplication.  The benefit of this game is it gives immediate feedback so your child can see when they are not getting the answer quite right.  You will see the game I have linked them to covers the following expectations in the Math curriculum:

– multiply two-digit whole numbers by two-digit whole numbers, using estimation, student-generated algorithms, and standard algorithms;
– divide three-digit whole numbers by one-digit whole numbers, using concrete materials, estimation, student-generated algorithms, and standard algorithms;

Feel Free to Email or call with any questions or concerns,
Mr. Hulton


Hi all,

We have been looking at the lives of Vikings in our social studies unit on Early Societies.  Now that you have learned a little about the lives of the ancient Viking civilization, it is up to you to be a Viking of your own!  Go on an adventure and complete your very own Viking Quest and see if you have what it takes to lead your own crew on a voyage.  You will be faced with a series of questions that will determine your success or failure as a Viking.

Good Luck and May Odin guide your path!
Bayeux Tapestry, Bayeux / Personal picture taken by user Urban, February 2005. Retrieved from 

To Parents,

Over the past couple weeks we have been learning and researching the lives of the ancient Viking Civilizations.  We have looked at their lifestyle, ships and their culture at this time.  I have requested that students now go to the website above and complete their very own Viking Quest.  This website credited by BBC provides students with an interactive game that reviews many important historical elements of the lives of Vikings and calls on the students to try and make the proper decision in front of them to succeed on the test.  I encourage you to sit and play the game with your child as it is a fun experience that you both will want to try again and again.  If anything comes up that is confusing, I ask you contact me or note them for your child to bring back to class.
This game is very fun and interactive but it also covers a large amount of the curriculum expectations in the Early Civilizations strand.  For the purpose of today we will look at covering the following curriculum expectations:

A3.1 identify the location of some different early societies on a globe or on print, digital, and/or interactive maps, and demonstrate the ability to extract information on early societies’ relationship with the environment from thematic maps   

A3.9 describe some key reasons why different groups in early societies cooperated or came into conflict at different times 

I invite you to view the the Curriculum document yourself and see how great this game is! 

I hope you enjoy this experience and remember not to hesitate to contact me if you have any questions of concerns.  


Mr. Hulton

Links to Know Me!

Dear Students,
You may want to know a little bit about me. Over the course of these few little paragraphs I will include some links that share some information about myself.  I grew up in Kingston, ON and a large part of my life has been filled with hockey.  What is really cool is that I played with Edmonton Oilers player Taylor Hall for 2 years when he lived in Kingston.

My younger brother currently plays Jr. Hockey for the Brockville Braves. Any given day I am surfing his team site, checking out score and standings.

If I am not surfing his hockey site I am poking around on Facebook, or even Twitter! Yes, I do have a life outside of teaching :) Follow my account @MrHulton for even more educational updates!

Mr. Hulton

A Great Resource for You

Making sure you are not defying copyright laws is becoming more and more of an issue today.  Citing things properly is also not an easy task.  I like to use the Citation Machine webpage as a quick and handy tool to pull together all the information needed for proper citation.  It compiles it is any type of citation you need! APA, MLA, Chicago? 

Fantastic Eh!

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to the class!  My name is Mr. Hulton and I will be your teacher for this year.  This is an exciting year for all of us in grade 5.  This Blog has been created as a tool for me to share an infinite amount of resources and activities to you as a class and even share a little about myself.  I know that for education to be as beneficial as possible we need to include text enhanced learning.  So feel free to kick-back and cruise the blog.

Mr. Hulton