Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Multiplication Timernator!

Hello everyone,

We have just finished working on our multiplication and division skills.  In order to review some terms for the upcoming quiz I would like you all to go to the following website Cool Math Games, and play the The Timernator Game for multiplication and division.  If you have that mastered this, search around and play the other games on the site relating to your multiplication tables.

Good Luck,
Mr. Hulton

Dear Parents,

In order to prepare for the upcoming math quiz I have provided your child with a link to a fantastic educational website that has a variety of different math and subject area games.  For the purpose of this test I suggest working on games focused on multiplication.  The benefit of this game is it gives immediate feedback so your child can see when they are not getting the answer quite right.  You will see the game I have linked them to covers the following expectations in the Math curriculum:

– multiply two-digit whole numbers by two-digit whole numbers, using estimation, student-generated algorithms, and standard algorithms;
– divide three-digit whole numbers by one-digit whole numbers, using concrete materials, estimation, student-generated algorithms, and standard algorithms;

Feel Free to Email or call with any questions or concerns,
Mr. Hulton

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