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We have been looking at the lives of Vikings in our social studies unit on Early Societies.  Now that you have learned a little about the lives of the ancient Viking civilization, it is up to you to be a Viking of your own!  Go on an adventure and complete your very own Viking Quest and see if you have what it takes to lead your own crew on a voyage.  You will be faced with a series of questions that will determine your success or failure as a Viking.

Good Luck and May Odin guide your path!
Bayeux Tapestry, Bayeux / Personal picture taken by user Urban, February 2005. Retrieved from 

To Parents,

Over the past couple weeks we have been learning and researching the lives of the ancient Viking Civilizations.  We have looked at their lifestyle, ships and their culture at this time.  I have requested that students now go to the website above and complete their very own Viking Quest.  This website credited by BBC provides students with an interactive game that reviews many important historical elements of the lives of Vikings and calls on the students to try and make the proper decision in front of them to succeed on the test.  I encourage you to sit and play the game with your child as it is a fun experience that you both will want to try again and again.  If anything comes up that is confusing, I ask you contact me or note them for your child to bring back to class.
This game is very fun and interactive but it also covers a large amount of the curriculum expectations in the Early Civilizations strand.  For the purpose of today we will look at covering the following curriculum expectations:

A3.1 identify the location of some different early societies on a globe or on print, digital, and/or interactive maps, and demonstrate the ability to extract information on early societies’ relationship with the environment from thematic maps   

A3.9 describe some key reasons why different groups in early societies cooperated or came into conflict at different times 

I invite you to view the the Curriculum document yourself and see how great this game is! 

I hope you enjoy this experience and remember not to hesitate to contact me if you have any questions of concerns.  


Mr. Hulton

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